Anxiety Update

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for those of you who shared your opinions with me.  It actually turned out ok.  I told David that it was something that was a huge concern to me and even though he did not share that concern he respected it.  It turns out Daniel didn't want to eat ANYTHING at the barbecue anyway because there was way too much going on.  With his SPD sometimes he gets overwhelmed in new situations where there are a lot of people around.  He did eat some dinner when he got home.  All is well.  Thanks for helping me with my craziness!


Lindsay said...


Maxabella said...

I missed your last post so I had to go back and read it and now here I am. I'm glad it all turned out for you. If it's an experience he 'has to have' can have a hotdog when he's older, me thinks.

Can I just say, though, that you should definitely keep a lid on your anxiety over his SPD or you will certainly pass this on to him. It's okay for mum to worry about what to do and not do, but don't let him experience life that way. He needs to just feel safe and just 'be' in the world. Don't you think?


Keli said...

glad everything worked out for you!

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