ANXIETY!!!! Am I being too paranoid?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ok, so I am having massive anxiety.  David's friend from work is hosting a Labor Day barbecue at his house.  They will be serving hamburgers and hot dogs.  First of all, I don't know these people, and so I don't know where they get their food.  Second of all, David is hell bent on giving Daniel a hot dog.  A HOT DOG!  I am so upset over this I have stress eaten three homemade chocolate chip cookies!  Am I being crazy?  David says you can't be an American boy and not eat a hot dog...I think hot dogs are gross and would never wish that as a meal upon anyone.  Am I being unreasonable?  He told me he was going to sneak a hot dog to Daniel when I wasn't looking!  David likes to say things to make me squirm, so he is probably not being serious, but still...he is so good that usually he can make me squirm for a good long time.  Should I just let him have a hot dog?  Everything in me is screaming that this is WRONG!  Help!  What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I think that you are his mother and only you know best. If you don't want him having it then don't. Dads are dumb when it comes to this stuff. They don't research like us and they don't understand.

Stick to your guns. WHile I think hotdogs are also gross, Riley has had 2 and it didn't hurt him but I still think it was gross.

I'm a big anxiety person so it's nice to hear someone else being as psycho as I am! LOL

Emily said...

First of all you are absolutely NOT crazy. The first time I gave my oldest a conventional hot dog because I had no choice (long story) he threw it up that night (about 10 hours later) completely undigested Eew! However, we are also going to a cookout and I have since discovered The Great Organic Hot Dog made by Applegate Farms. Is it healthy? Not really. However it is all grass fed beef with no preservatives, additives, colors, or nitrates. So it is great for me to give him as a special treat and an added bonus is he doesn't puke it up.

I had to explain to my hubby that our kids can't eat that stuff, their bodies can't handle the junk because they never eat the junk. There are healthier alternatives that their bodies can handle. So we are bringing a package of hot dogs with us. All our friends know I am a health nut anyway, so they don't even flinch anymore. This time they even asked me to bring some of my homemade buns.

You can get those hot dogs pretty much anywhere. I don't know what grocery stores you have where you are, but I can get these at both major chains by me (Publix and Kroger) in the natural meats section. Just be warned they are a little more expensive. I pay $5.85 for a pack of 8. Here is a link with a picture:

Hope that helps!

Turning the Clock Back said...

Mine not be a popular opinion, but in our family it is "when in Rome do as the Romans do". My kids are school age. They buy their lunch once a week. The other 6 days of the week, they get organic, free range, whole grain, etc. I think the school lunch program is disgusting but I also don't want my kid ostracized because they only ever eat yogurt and organic apple chips. When we go on Boy Scout camping trips or neighborhood parties, there are often group meals. I think it would be insulting of me to suggest that the other people's food isn't fit to eat so I bring something healthy and try and put together a balanced meal...which usually includes fruit, cheese and crackers, and yeah, a hotdog or hampburger. What they get on a day to day basis is what is important. One hot dog is merely a drop in the bucket when it comes to nutrition. As they get older, you will have less and less control over what they eat...a sleepover at a friend's house or a field trip at school? They are going to be eating processed %^&$ occasionally. Just do the best you can with the remaining 99% of their meals.


Lindsay said...

I can totally relate. My husband and the in-laws give the kiddo things that make me squirm. They don't think anything of nitrates, HFCS, or anything else that is proven to be just awful!

The key is that YOU are setting an awesome example for him and control most of what he eats. To have junk food every once in awhile is okay, in my opinion. Who knows? He may think it is as disgusting as you do!

Just try to relax and have fun!

Megan said...

Holy cow, it's just one hot dog! Your kid isn't going to be eating them every day, and it isn't going to kill him. I generally eat pretty healthy, but I still have the occasional hot dog and have suffered no ill effects. Your son may not even like them after he's tried them.

My second thought is you are going as a guest to these people's home; they may not care if you bring your own special food, but then again, it may be offensive to them. People don't like feeling like they eat inferior food, or that what they are providing isn't good enough (even if it isn't). I think you're blowing this whole thing way out of proportion.

frenchieliza said...

Thanks everyone for your feedback! You gave me a lot to think about!

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