Ugli Fruit

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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This week HyVee (our local grocery store) is having a sale on "tropical" fruit.  One of the best deals was on Ugli Fruit.  I had see Ugli Fruit before, but it never really gave it any thought until I saw it on sale today.  Ugli Fruit, also known as a Jamaican Tangello, is a citrus fruit hybrid of a grapefruit, and orange, and a tangerine. It gets its name from the unsightly appearance of its skin, which can be green, pink, or orange. It was discovered growing wild in Jamaica, much like how grapefruit was discovered, and is still mainly grown in Jamaica today.  Its flesh is juicy and sweet, sweeter than a grapefruit, but more tart than an orange.  I found it to be very delicious and would highly recommend trying this fruit if you have the opportunity and you find it for a reasonable price at your local supermarket!  


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