Ginger Ale Rant

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I am not a huge fan of pop, but I do love to have ginger ale in the house when I am sick, and LOVED it when I was pregnant.  When I lived in Seattle, there was this place called Silver City in Silverdale, Wa that made its own Ginger Ale and it was THE BEST!  I stocked up when I was pregnant and always had some in the house.  It really helped with my morning (or in my case all day) sickness.  
So here is my rant...I am  having surgery on Monday, so I went to the store this morning to get a few things so my mom could have groceries, since she flew in from Seattle yesterday to help me for my recovery.  She doesn't drive in the snow, so we decided to go to the store today instead of on my normal day...that really has nothing to do with this story though so I have no idea why I mentioned it...Anyway...We went to the store this morning and I decided I wanted to get some ginger ale because, as I mentioned before, I like to have it when I am going to be sick.  I am not sure if knee surgery counts as being sick, but I thought it would be nice to have anyway.  
So, my mom picked up the generic brand of Ginger Ale and started to put it in the cart. I immediately stopped her saying "no, that will have tons of disgusting additives in it, I will look for REAL Ginger Ale."  So I started looking around, I first came to the Seagram's brand, which had in large letters "100% All Natural Ingredients"  only to turn the box over and read "High Fructose Corn Syrup" on the ingredient list.  It also didn't contain a hint of ginger.  I don't understand how a company can get away with putting "100% all natural ingredients" on its label if the product contains HFCS.  I am SO sorry Corn industry, but HFCS is NOT all natural, and it is NOT a whole ingredient!  Nice try!  Man, that really burns me up!  So I continued looking.  Even Schwepp's Ginger Ale didn't actually contain ginger and was loaded with HFCS!  So my mom suggested I get diet Ginger Ale....oh boy...DIET?  I pointed out to her that diet is EVEN worse!  Why?  one word...ASPARTAME!  Don't even get me started on the cancer causing aspartame!  Needless to say, I didn't end up finding any ginger ale that was actually all natural and none of the ginger ale I found had ginger in it!  How can you even call it GINGER ale if it doesn't have any GINGER in it?  I am SO frustrated!  ARGH!


Monique said...

I have replaced giner ale with ginger beer and my daughters and I LOVE it (not "beer" beer. I've also made some a home a few times, and it was pretty good too, so I understand your pain!

frenchieliza said...

Ooh...good suggestion! I will try to find some of that! Thanks!

Cara Tebo said...

Hope your surgery goes well... I agree, Silver City is awesome!

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