Blog Bash Introduction Post

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Bash
I am really excited to participate in NYAT's first Blog Bash!  Here is my introductory post!

1) Why do you blog? I decided to start my blog for several reasons.  I was a French teacher before having my son, and spent a significant amount of time living in France.  When I returned to the United States I was appalled by the American diet and I was especially appalled at the diets of our teenagers.  As a teacher, I integrated a lot of cooking into my curriculum, to teach kids about a healthy diet full of whole foods.  When I had my son, I got tons of questions from other moms about how I get my son to eat things like eggplant.  I decided to start the blog in order to get my voice out there, share what I know, and my opinions about food.  To help change the American diet for the better. 

2.) What do you blog about? The Foodie Mommie is a blog about helping families eliminate the processed foods from their diets, as well as providing tips for cooking as a family.  I also provide product reviews, videos, and live web classes.   I want my readers to be able to interact with me. 

3.) What do you find to be the biggest reward you get from blogging?  I really love the fact that I am getting to meet so many new and wonderful people.  There are so many people out there with great ideas and marvelous things to say and I feel so privileged to be a part of this culture. 

4.) How long have you been blogging?  Since March 23rd :).

5.) Let's hear the story behind your blog title! Simple, I am a total foodie and now I am a mommy too!  Mommie is spelled with an "ie" because I wanted it to match foodie :). 


Lindsay Blogs said...

I love your reasons for starting a blog. It is ABSOLUTELY appalling how Americans eat and I hate that I've fallen victim to it. Maybe someday I'll get a brain and stop.. :(

Brittney said...

my son has nephrotic syndrome which he cant eat a lot of sodium so processed foods is out so i look forward to seeing your healthy recipes and stuff. I have found some recipes and my love for cooking through all of this.. the silver lining so to speak! anyway im following now :) have a great day!

frenchieliza said...

Welcome and thanks for following!

KdBuggie Boutique said...

I am going to be featuring your blog on my blog hop tomorrow. Make sure you stop by! :)

frenchieliza said...

Wow, thank you KD! I am honored!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi there, nice to meet you. I'm over from a Monday blog hop where you are the featured blog.

I have a difficult time getting my 4 year old daughter to eat veggies so from time to time, I will stick a carrot or cucumber or something like that in a fruit smoothie for her.

I bet I could learn a few tricks around here!

The Princess of Sarcasm said... must be one of those good mom's I hear about.... ;)

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I'm here from Blog Bash.

frenchieliza said...

THanks everyone for visiting, heading over to your blogs now!

Marvelous Mommy said...

I love your reason for starting your blog too! Just stopping by to say Hello!

SueFitz said...

Following from Blog Bash -thanks for sharing!!!!


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